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These carefully selected pieces of 18K Gold Plated handcrafted jewellery are the best fashion accessories for women. Explore our new styles. Level up your Necklace game.

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Save 30%Aqua Moon & Star NecklaceAqua Moon & Star Necklace
Aqua Moon & Star Necklace Sale priceRs. 1,399.00 Regular priceRs. 2,000.00
Save 24%Love-You Heart NecklaceLove-You Heart Necklace
Love-You Heart Necklace Sale priceRs. 1,450.00 Regular priceRs. 1,899.00
Save 25%Elle Layered Waterproof ChainsElle Layered Waterproof Chains
Elle Layered Waterproof Chains Sale priceRs. 1,499.00 Regular priceRs. 2,000.00
Seven Clover NecklaceSeven Clover Necklace
Seven Clover Necklace Sale priceRs. 1,150.00
Classic Waterproof ChainClassic Waterproof Chain
Classic Waterproof Chain Sale priceRs. 1,099.00
Euphoria Charms NecklaceEuphoria Charms Necklace
Euphoria Charms Necklace Sale priceRs. 1,250.00
Mia Layered NecklaceMia Layered Necklace
Mia Layered Necklace Sale priceRs. 1,250.00
Aqeek Evil Eye Charms NecklaceAqeek Evil Eye Charms Necklace
Aqeek Evil Eye Charms Necklace Sale priceRs. 1,250.00
Torque Hamsa-Hand Charms NecklaceTorque Hamsa-Hand Charms Necklace
Torque Hamsa-Hand Charms Necklace Sale priceRs. 1,250.00
Handbag Charms NecklaceHandbag Charms Necklace
Handbag Charms Necklace Sale priceRs. 1,199.00
Leah Stars Charm NecklaceLeah Stars Charm Necklace
Leah Stars Charm Necklace Sale priceRs. 1,250.00
Glamorous Clover Charms NecklaceGlamorous Clover Charms Necklace
Glamorous Clover Charms Necklace Sale priceRs. 1,250.00
Colorful Butterfly Charms NecklaceColorful Butterfly Charms Necklace
Colorful Butterfly Charms Necklace Sale priceRs. 1,250.00
Brigid Colorful NecklaceBrigid Colorful Necklace
Brigid Colorful Necklace Sale priceRs. 1,299.00
Bay Clovers NecklaceBay Clovers Necklace
Bay Clovers Necklace Sale priceRs. 1,199.00
Simple Heart Pendant NecklaceSimple Heart Pendant Necklace
Simple Heart Pendant Necklace Sale priceRs. 799.00
Pearl Dragonfly NecklacePearl Dragonfly Necklace
Pearl Dragonfly Necklace Sale priceRs. 1,150.00
Simple Star NecklaceSimple Star Necklace
Simple Star Necklace Sale priceRs. 799.00
Colorful Moon & Stars Charm NecklaceColorful Moon & Stars Charm Necklace
Safety-Pin Charms NecklaceSafety-Pin Charms Necklace
Safety-Pin Charms Necklace Sale priceRs. 1,150.00
Blessed Charms Evil Eye NecklaceBlessed Charms Evil Eye Necklace
Savy Heart NecklaceSavy Heart Necklace
Savy Heart Necklace Sale priceRs. 1,050.00
Everyday Hamsa NecklaceEveryday Hamsa Necklace
Everyday Hamsa Necklace Sale priceRs. 799.00
Dome NecklaceDome Necklace
Dome Necklace Sale priceRs. 1,099.00
Small SunShine Nazar NecklaceSmall SunShine Nazar Necklace
Small SunShine Nazar Necklace Sale priceRs. 799.00
Oblong Evil Eye NecklaceOblong Evil Eye Necklace
Oblong Evil Eye Necklace Sale priceRs. 799.00
Solitaire Hamsa NecklaceSolitaire Hamsa Necklace
Solitaire Hamsa Necklace Sale priceRs. 899.00
Klissaa Dream Catcher NecklaceKlissaa Dream Catcher Necklace
Klissaa Dream Catcher Necklace Sale priceRs. 1,250.00
Smooth Heart Gold Plated NecklaceSmooth Heart Gold Plated Necklace
Gold Haathi NecklaceGold Haathi Necklace
Gold Haathi Necklace Sale priceRs. 950.00
Shea Round Evil Eye NecklaceShea Round Evil Eye Necklace
Shea Round Evil Eye Necklace Sale priceRs. 1,199.00
Cairo Sunshine NecklaceCairo Sunshine Necklace
Cairo Sunshine Necklace Sale priceRs. 1,450.00
Adorable Butterfly Pendant NecklaceAdorable Butterfly Pendant Necklace
Love More NecklaceLove More Necklace
Love More Necklace Sale priceRs. 1,150.00
Classic Pearls Evil Eye DelightClassic Pearls Evil Eye Delight
Classic Pearls Evil Eye Delight Sale priceRs. 2,400.00
Round Mother Of Pearl Chain NecklaceRound Mother Of Pearl Chain Necklace
Abigail Turtle NecklaceAbigail Turtle Necklace
Abigail Turtle Necklace Sale priceRs. 1,250.00
Colorful Dragonfly NecklaceColorful Dragonfly Necklace
Colorful Dragonfly Necklace Sale priceRs. 1,250.00
Elegant Hamsa Hand NecklaceElegant Hamsa Hand Necklace
Elegant Hamsa Hand Necklace Sale priceRs. 999.00
Black Mini Evil Eye NecklaceBlack Mini Evil Eye Necklace
Black Mini Evil Eye Necklace Sale priceRs. 950.00
Sun & Moon Evil Eye NecklaceSun & Moon Evil Eye Necklace
Sun & Moon Evil Eye Necklace Sale priceRs. 1,150.00
Pearl -The Good Vibes NecklacePearl -The Good Vibes Necklace
Pearl -The Good Vibes Necklace Sale priceRs. 1,799.00
Bold & Beautiful Pearl Evil Eye NecklaceBold & Beautiful Pearl Evil Eye Necklace
Elegant Serpentine NecklaceElegant Serpentine Necklace
Elegant Serpentine Necklace Sale priceRs. 1,550.00
Klissaa Turtle NecklaceKlissaa Turtle Necklace
Klissaa Turtle Necklace Sale priceRs. 1,150.00
Klissaa Waterproof Layered NecklaceKlissaa Waterproof Layered Necklace
Everyday Links ChainEveryday Links Chain
Everyday Links Chain Sale priceRs. 999.00
Bonifacio Waterproof ChainBonifacio Waterproof Chain
Bonifacio Waterproof Chain Sale priceRs. 1,050.00